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City: Safi Address: JCM BP 680 safi principal 46000 Postcode: 46000 Phone: +212 70962757 Expositions: national musem of ceramic in Safi

Fine pottery and ceramics come from Safi as they are beautifully displayed with their rich designs, styles, and colors. Each of Safi pieces is wheel thrown and hand finished by the skilled artisans of Safi . Most safiot pottery pieces are elaborately trimmed with tooled silver overlay. These exquisite pieces of art will finely accent any room.

In our project the participants will get in touch with the Moroccan artisan techniques to work pottery. They will get knowledge about how to do pottery articles from working and preparing the earth to decorating the articles . This activity doesn't require individual skills but it demands your motivation to overcome all difficulties. Our association will provide you all the materials needed in this activity. One of the aims of those camps is to discover the Moroccan culture and history and compare this to yours. The training course will be in the morning from 9 to 12 , if needed some courses could be given in the afternoon.